Wednesday 8 April 2015

2015 Easter Projects

Happy Easter, love the Caines!

I don't even know what happened... Easter was here and now it's gone!

I can tell you one thing though... there's still a lot of chocolate.  And thanks to my mother... whom I bluntly said "Dont get me chocolate, get me candy"... gave me a full Costco-sized tub of sour keys... you know the kind.  So delicious, yet so evil.

Projects. Right.

Yes, I did up some treats for the kids at day care.  There's a lot on the blacklist there so I opted to try to use what I had.  I had some leftover kaleidoscopes from one of my Mommy and Me kits. I made a belly band to go around them and attached some crayons using double sided tape. I used the really cute stamp set called "For Peep's Sake!"... so cute!


I also gave paint for the older kids!

Of course we also decorated the house a little bit... and I had a little bunny to help this year.

Last year, I created this Easter Banner and burlap picture - check out last years post here!

We also created a little forest with a bunny in it for our Mommy & Me April craft.

And get a final kiss goodbye for the day!

Have a great day!

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