Thursday 20 November 2014

Pretty Little Packages | Fancy Friday Blog Hop

It's here's whether you like it or not.
And I got my jingle bells on... Elf on the Shelf pinterest boards ready to Gee 2 the Oh. (That's 'go' in human speak) I got my solar christmas lights ordered and I dream of Starbucks red cups... although something tells me those Tim Hortons cups may be outstanding this year... they better be red or this will be the year I complain.

Sometimes my kid doesn't like to listen.
That's right.
I said it OUT loud.
But my "model" did squeak out these three photos for me to give you a sneak peek of why Mingle Everything is the best stamp ever.
You ain't gotta do a th-ang, chicken wh-ang.
This stamp does all the work.
Its simply lovely.

I might "hire" her again.
I mean, one gummy worm per photo is worth it, right?
Even if it is 8am?
(She also had to promise me that she wouldn't tell daycare that she had gummy worms for 'post breakfast'**... even though Alice in Wonderland says its "perfectly normal")

 This is the shizzle I was dealing with this morning...
(but I loved every moment... only now... not then..)
I am a perfectly good mother.  I loved every minute.
Mothers never lie.

My apologies for the delay - I travelled to space and lost of concept of time. Right? 
Martha - email me at to get your prize! 
You have until November 27th!

Hop along to see what's next!
Here's Cindy!


** Post breakfast.. my family tends to have pre-breakfast then breakfast and then post breakfast. Then snack, pre-lunch, lunch and post lunch... you get the picture.

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  1. Love your C-U-T-E bags and what an adorable model!

  2. Oh my goodness, Cathy! Your projects are perfectly cute and lovely (Love them!!) but I was entranced with your story-telling and your perfectly poised model (her "hands" did the job fabulously in showcasing your treats)!!!! I am soo happy to have seen her happy face at the end.
    Now to read of her "modeling" I thought, "Mom, what a festive thing to do to put her in a holiday, lacy dress; cool stuff/great advertising!" Then I read how it was only 8:00 A.M. (what??? a photo session all dressed up then???) and then that she was off to daycare! Wow, she must be the prettiest one there!!!
    I loved every bit of your post and indeed, I love your projects too! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Donna (demo; SC) :)

  3. So very cute Cathy! And little darling Jane is a gem too!

  4. As a former daycare provider, I totally understand the pre-breakfast, breakfast, post breakfast etc. eating plan! Those little bodies take lots of nourishment! Love your projects and your model. I'll be contacting you about the prize-I hope that was me!!!

  5. Did you use the new chalkboard paper from the upcoming catalog, or is this black cardstock? Either way, it's stunning!

  6. I linked my blog post to your page, I hope you don't mind!