Tuesday 18 March 2014

Rustic Love | AWW

Well, now... you might say "this isn't your style, Cath.."

And I would reply, "Its my style now... because that signature Connie Collins' style is rubbing off on me like nobody's business."

Next thing you know I'll have ordered that Gingham wheel... 
So nice to see you Friends!!  Here's the details in short form style...

1. Lots of layers = love

2. Frayed burlap + linen thread + soft suede ink = love

3. Stamp on vellum + fussy cut it out = floating words with love

4. Paper Piercing = love

5. Daffodil Delight + Sponging in circles from inside to out = love

6. Hardwood stamp = SERIOUS love.

All of the above = RUSTIC LOVE
WAIT NOW.  Is this the third week in a row that I used the sentiment "enjoy" from the Simply Celebrate stamp set?

Yup. Yup it is.  And that probably means love too.  It might also mean you should just buy it.

As my father in law would say, "Now that's something."


  1. I love all the textures here! Great card!

  2. seriously can't help but love you and your projects! Thanks for sharing your humour and all the little details!