Monday 2 April 2018

crafting forever. housework never. | World Autism Awareness Blog Hop

Today's blog hop is a very special one.
It's to celebrate autism and to help spread awareness!

Puzzles can sometimes be a symbol of autism so I thought I'd share a special project that myself and my crafty friends are currently doing. 


During a retreat, we each bought a puzzle.
We then numbered each piece and indicated which direction was "up", as well as signed them.
We then distributed them one by one.
Each person would then create their own design and returned it to the owner.

The end result looks something like this:

The above puzzle was created many years ago and I cherish it for many reasons. There is an extra special puzzle piece created by my friend who lost her battle with cancer a couple years ago. She was a big part of my creative journey.

For my current puzzle collaboration, I created the same piece for everyone with a layer of gesso, as well as bermuda bay refill ink sprayed with rubbin alcohol. There is also some splatters of gold embossing powder (make those splatters before the rubbing alcohol is dry). 

In celebration of World Autism Awareness Day, a group of crafters have joined together in a Blog Hop to help spread awareness. We have all created a handmade card with the focus on supporting those people with or in support of caregivers of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Your donation is being given directly to the Organization for Autism Research. Thank you for your support efforts, your giving makes a difference in more lives! If this cause is something, you'd like to donate to you can follow the link here: DONATE
Thanks to everyone for hopping by today. To keep hopping along and checking out everyone's project, follow along the links below. Carolina Evans is up next on the list!

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  1. Love this, Cathy. The mixed media is amazing and creating a group puzzle... genius! Thanks for joining in today.

  2. What a beautiful and really unique idea!! Really love this, & your puzzle piece is beautiful! What is gesso?

  3. WOW!!! Super gorgeous!!

  4. great project Cathy and a great story too

  5. What a cool project! Love the larger puzzle too. :)

  6. Oh my! Your project is simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! I need to try it with my daughter xo

  7. WOW...Stunning mixed media project...I must try that one day <3
    I love your puzzle piece <3
    Cheers Shaz

  8. Love this creative collaboration idea Cathy! And your puzzle piece for it is stunning.

  9. You know I love this - AMAZING!

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