Thursday 25 January 2018

2018 Artisan | OnStage Salt Lake City

My feelings are mixed this time. 

I’ve been carrying around this secret since September the 8th. I wanted so badly to tell my friends and certainly my current Artisan Team but that was definitely not happening. 

Secrets I can do but they are never easy. 

I simply can’t believe it. I look at my projects and I am not sure why I’ve been selected to be part of the 2018 Stampin’ Up! Artisan Design Team. 

My heart feels for those that didn’t get selected yet I am so excited to see what is behind the next door. Whose joining me? New friends and old. 

OnStage in Salt Lake City has arrived and It wasn’t long when Dale Hampshire said the words “Artisan Design Team”. I forgot to watch the screen and instead took a moment to breath until I heard my name. I get up and head to the stage. I remember seeing my old friend, Connie whom I spent the afternoon touring the Stampin’ Up! Head Office the afternoon before. 

Cathy Caines + Connie Collins Touring the Stampin' Up! Office

Both of us with secrets that we would never tell. I saw her first and thought about ‘what a sneaky little fox’ she was. In my mind, she is incredibly talented with a signature style: distressed floral creations coloured to perfection. Joining us on stage was Jenni, Kim, Charlet and Elizabeth. None of which are new faces. They are legendary. Stuck between them all I looked out and felt a swell of pride. 

 Connie Collins + Becky Cowley + Cathy Caines + Cindy Schuster

And there we stood waiting for the flash from the camera. Taking that second to enjoy the moment. And I did. I am proud but I was also so proud of everyone on this team. This moment was to be absorbed and not forgotten because it’s on this rare occasion that each of these 16 global Stampin’ Up! Artisan Design Team members should remember to be proud of themselves. “You did it. You are a rockstar. Embrace this moment and shout it from rooftops. You belong here.”

Cathy Caines + Sara Douglass + Charlet Mallett

Elizabeth Price + Charlet Mallett + Cathy Caines

While, I am so excited to share this new adventure in 2018 I’ll miss my 2017 Team. This year Sylwia and Jennifer Winter will be continuing on with me. Both of these ladies show beautiful soft projects with white backgrounds accented with the most perfect touch of embellishments.  

Cathy Caines + Tanya Boser

And with every door that closes another one opens - I can’t wait to watch my Beautiful 2017 friends grow creatively this year. Look out world because here they come. As a personal note to all of them: “Thank you for the memories. The chats. The advice. But most of all the connections - you’ve opened your heart to me and allowed me to be myself. I love you through and through.”

Stay tuned for my Salt Lake City adventures with my beloved travel buddies Colleen Petten, Paula Taylor and Rexene Lockyer - all of whom I perhaps would never have met if it wasn't for Stampin' Up!


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