Thursday 14 December 2017

Santa's Magic Key | Fancy Friday Blog Hop

"Mommy. But how does Santa get in our house if we don't have a chimney."
"Come on now Jane. Magic."
"But how?"
"Magic. We have a fireplace."
"But no chimney."
"Just magic hunny."
This month's Fancy Friday Blog Hop brings plenty of new friends. Fancy Friday Design Team Members are past and current Stampin' Up! Artisans and as our team evolves, I have no doubt that it just might be the most inspiring blog hop you'll follow along every year. We are playing with "Mixed Metallic" today so I took this challenge quite literally as I held the cast iron keeys in my hands.

I had heard of them before so I researched "Santa's Magic Key".
Taking bits and bobs from different people I created a tag with some instructions on both sides.
I added the perfect stamps from the Stampin' Up! Hearts Come Home stamp set.
Finally, I tied everything together with trims and ribbons to the cast iron key.

Where did I get the glorious keys? Well, I found them at Books-a-Million a couple years ago and then I bought all 10 of them and hoarded them until now.

Keep in mind that this key gets hung outside on Christmas Eve. Therefore, I went to my local Staples store and got the tags laminated. It worked out perfectly and ever so easily.

We all know I love easy.

I can't wait to see how my amazing Kiwi friend, Susan Wong played with mixed metallics! I can't wait to see!


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