Thursday 16 November 2017

Dreaming of a White Christmas | Fancy Friday

Welcome to Fancy Friday!

Our Fancy Friday Team continues to grow - we are a group of current and past Stampin' Up! Artisans who get together once a month for an extra special blog hop. Through the experiences of each of our Artisan teams we have a connection.

Sometimes you can't explain a connection.
But I am pretty sure that we feel a closeness because we love to share what we do and have a true passion for our crafts.

This month, we are showcasing our beautifully talented Jennifer Timko's sketch. Feel free to use her sketch and tag us.

A sketch is something that is hit or miss for me. I can always start with a sketch but when the going gets tough, I will often bail.

Do it. Bail if you want to.
The sole purpose of a sketch is to inspire you and if it means you've turned the sketch upside down and inside out then so be it.

I didn't bail this time.
Are you surprised?

Perhaps the inspiration came straight from my dinner table... perhaps it never.  You'll never know.  #secrets #iheartwine

If you are like me then you are probably already half way to the kitchen to have a taste of your favourite red... (Kind of like the show Scandal - it seems it makes me drink wine?!?)

Keep hopping while you take a load off.

Krista Frattin is next and I believe today's her birthday.  SEND HER SOME LOVE. She deserves it.  She's pretty much amazing.

Until next time,


  1. Yeah.....I think I will go with what was on the dinner table lol. Love it xxx

  2. You. Are. My. People! Yeah...that wine was already gone before I even got here. Love this, as always.

  3. Pretty, and simple perfection! Lovely as usual