Thursday 28 July 2016

Weather Together | Fancy Friday

Welcome back to another Fancy Friday blog hop!

We are playing with bundles from the new Stampin' Up! catalog this month.  I decided to play with the Weather Together bundle.  It has the perfect combination of cute, playfulness and the seriousness that comes when we are "weathering the storm".

By the time I finished with this bundle, I had created five cards.  Four of them are created with watercolour paper, Stampin' Up! markers and an aqua painter while one of them is a clean and simple design that anyone can pull together quickly.  

This clean and simple card is a combination of two of the umbrella stamps from the set, thus how I get the two tones.

My next idea was to pull out a piece of watercolour paper and emboss in white several images.  I then coloured those images and created several backgrounds... which is when I begin to play.

The card below is inspired by a painting where there's a couple that walks in the night down a street and all you see is her red umbrella. Its not a colour combo that I would typically use but I really liked how this one came together quickly.

You'll notice that there's a die cut handle but one tip to tell you is that the handle is almost too short in my opinion.  Cut the handle so that the top is just poking out.  Then you can adjust where you think the handle looks best.

The next card is showcasing that the umbrella doesn't always have to be sad.  Brighten up the background and the umbrella to give it a "beachy" feel.

I can't get away from those basic pearls.  This umbrella uses a stamp that gave the umbrella a polka dot design.  I enhanced it with basic pearls.

Oh, I think this is my favourite because of the fun little specks of rain, as well as the storm clouds. I coloured those with a touch of Sahara Sand to give it the "dark clouds".

Make sure to check out my quick video that showcases how I created the rain in this card.

Thanks for hanging out with me and my umbrellas!!

Next up is Jeanna, my fabulously fancy Vegas friend... whom lives incredibly far from me. Boohoo.   Make sure to send her love!!



  1. Oh Cathy, you are so amazing. I love every one of these cards. XOXO

  2. Precious!!! I love them all, but that red one- yummy!!

  3. Love your water coloring. Beautiful cards.

  4. love the watercoloring Cathy they are just beautiful!

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