Tuesday 20 May 2014

Project Life Interactive Layouts | AWW

Welcome back to another Stampin' Up! ADT blog post!!

I've been really busy!! With life but I certainly have gotten the bug to scrapbook again.  New inspiration always gets me... 
Here's another fun interactive layout that you can add to your wish list. There's so many ways to be interactive so stay tuned!!
Don't give me that frown face!...
... you can still be interactive if you put your layout in a page protector! All you have to do is slice the protector and pull out the flap or flip or strong... whatever you want!  If you have sturdy protectors, then you are all set! try it!
Oh.. and just clip your layouts or tie them with string if you don't have them hanging out of your albums.

yes. It is.

Some more scrapbooking with Project Life tips to remember:
1. If you run out of the letters - use the negative! Or mix and match! That's always fun!
2. Always have your roller stamp ready.  Years back you'll wish you dated and labeled.
3. Want to create a quick border or frame - grab a ruler... or don't... and your project life journaling pen.  nobody will know the different!

Now flip flap over the Cindy!!


  1. Such a fabulous idea Cathy! LOVE it! Super fun page too!

  2. I am seriously obsessed with this page … xoxox