Tuesday 6 May 2014

Project Life + Stampin' Up! = Love | AWW

Say Hello to Project Life at Stampin' Up!
It's not just any Project Life. It's a partnership with Becky Higgins.
So, take your socks off and pull your hair back because you are in for a wild ride.
 Some people are apprehensive and really aren't sure what to do.  Others feel like its too easy and they aren't using their creative juices. Well.  I am here to give you the rules of Project Life.

1. There are no rules.

Don't worry.  I'll explain.  I have lots to tell you and lots to show you.
Because... this my lovely friends... is what I love.
I love to scrapbook.  I love to keep my memories alive with photos.  And this is just another avenue.

Get your seat belt on!

You can use the pocket style page protectors like this..

You can go traditional like this...

And you can have lots and lots of fun like this...

Keep checking out the Artisans this week as we explore Project Life.  But most of all, come back to see me because I have more tell. 

"You can now exit this ride to the right. Grab your belongings and have a great day!"
Make sure to check out Cindy!


  1. I am embarrassed for anyone to see my page after seeing how great yours are! I knew you would knock it out of the park!

  2. Flippy flaps, sewing, staples, sanding... ERMAHGERD! I would like to be you for like a week and in that week I would get ALL of my scrapbooking done. You have mad skillz that I can only dream about having one day.

  3. oh.....my.....word! This is insanely your style girl! I will take each tip and use it!

  4. Love the mix of traditional and PL - you have some great ideas here!

  5. Yep just like I said UBER TALENTED!!!! Wowza!

  6. I bow down, seriously, you are the QUEEN!

  7. my word woman, you really can SB any style! I'm with all the others here on everything... I can only dream, I'll use each tip, tonnes of great ideas, you ARE uber talented and 100% the scrapbooking QUEEN! To live a day in your craft room or studio with YOU teaching me is my dream!

  8. Love this post! You rock! I just ordered my Stampin Up starter kit becasue of this project life union! I am so excited! This post has got me pumped! Thank you!!! xoxo Jossie