Tuesday 5 November 2013

Artisan Wednesday Wow: A Polka Dot Party!

Welcome back!!!

Do you remember the show called the Polka Dot Door?

Yup, that's what it was like last night.  I just had my sponge dauber, gold embossing powder and heat gun and just went around "dotting" everything!!

(special guesttttt... POLKA-ROO!... jk)
I started out with a simple canvas.
It's so easy...
And seriously... so nice.
Embossing Powder is A-MAZING. Gold is even better! 
Check my projects out up close!

Check out the gift bow die. That's right. 
I MADE that paper bow but with a die.  Yup. Easy.

My thought on the canvas was that I would start at the top with lots of gold dots and then they would thin out as I went down to the bottom.  It should have given the look of them falling.  I wanted to do three canvases and put it up in my living room. But apparently I didn't have a third canvas in that size in my "stock room". My husband likes the "love" on it.  I think I'd prefer it without it.  But that's me. Simple, clean, white and Gold.
(He's probably right. He often is)
And finally, think gifts!!!
My friend at My Paper Pumpkin Challenge is having a challenge so make sure you check that out.
Well, I finally stopped.
But don't stop here - check out Cindy's amazing projects!!
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  1. Just bought two canvas......I know what I am doing now! ;)

  2. Wonza!! Why I dont think of THAT! So simple but them so stunning! You seem to always thinh out of the box. Canvas?!? I can see myself looking for some noww! Hehe!! Love your projects. Tx for joining us at My Pumpkin Challenge. You rock!!

  3. Your polka dots are adorable. And you're right, I love gold embossing powder too. It's like a magical gift from above! :)

  4. The polka dot door, the polka dot door, songs and stories and so much more. . . I so LOVED the Polka Dot Door as a kid! I absolutely love all of your gold polka dots!

  5. Love this! Shimmering gold polka dots..so fun and so pretty! Apparently I need to get out my sponge daubers and start dotting things!

  6. can't get any better than gold polka dots!

  7. so you will bringing these with you to Vegas for me?!?!? That is so awesome of you! LOL I love them

  8. oh, I love everything about every little gold dot! Love your creations Miss Cathy! just love it all!

  9. wow! I'm in love with those polka dots! I have a black canvas at home...... hmmm I may have to follow your lead! You rock my friend!