Tuesday 15 October 2013

Artisan Wednesday Wow: Index Cards

We got the envelope punch board in our box this month.  
And yeah, it makes pretty amazing envelopes... 
And people have been doing some pretty amazing file folders...
And yes, my life is a bit more unorganized than the "averageeeee... bear.."
"eh, Boo Boo?"
(oh my, I need to stop doing post so late at night...)

And so, I decide to make index cards so that I can organize one little part of my life.

And every index card needs some friends and a box.
So, why not re-use the box that Stampin' Up! uses to ship their stamp collections in?
"Hey..... is that a pic-a-nic basket..?"
"Eh, Boo Boo?"

I couldn't resist.  If you don't know what I am saying chaulk it up to a Crazy Canuck! But make sure you check out what Cindy is up to!


  1. Card organizer...what a wonderful idea! Love it!

  2. Your posts are fabulous just the way they are.. and we love you for it! .. and I love your project too! What a great idea!

  3. these are totally stinking cute! (and my coworkers who pick up their cuteness at the dollar spot at target will be jealous when I make these and use them at work) thanks for posting you silly girl.

  4. What a wonderful idea! As usual, stunning! - Rexene

  5. oh my goodness - I've been searching and searching for a box to keep cards in, and can't find one the right size - silly me, I should be making my own! But, I don't think Stampin' Up! uses this size box for me - is it something like 4.5"x6"?

    1. Did you ever find out the box size?

    2. Oh shoot. This was on my list as I was away when you chimed in! And guess what? I am away again. But based in my memory 8x4.5 inches and then about 4 inches in depth. I cut the the index cards to about 7.5x5.5". But I'll double check when I get home. It's the size of the su inl collection boxes so perhaps ill get a friend to measure for me. Cheers!

    3. Alright - I am all set now!! The box itself is 7.5" wise, 4.5" wide and 4.25" in depth. The cards itself are 7"x4.5 high plus about 3/8" for the tab. Thanks for your patience!

  6. OMG - I totally had to read that whole post in that voice! LOL you are awesome!!! LOVE the card box too!!!

  7. This is a great idea. Still trying to figure out what to do with such "fancy" file folders.lol.

  8. What a great idea! And I love that you use a re-purposed box! So cute, so cute!