Wednesday 23 October 2013

A Special Edition: The Daily Debit

I am a Blogger.
And I have been "found".
Lately I've been feeling a little like....*turtle.turtle.*

(Yes, this is an inside joke...)

BUT if you are an accountant you might appreciate it.
.. if you are NOT... scroll down, there's a little project for you too. :)

So, to my special visitors...introducing...
In today's news, 175 markers walked out on the job in an undisclosed location.  Screaming and shouting for higher wages and better working conditions.  They've been under extreme work conditions and many of the employees are complaining of work related injuries. The list is ongoing but includes squinty-eye syndrome, numb-bum and sing-song tourettes apparently caused by watered down coffee. One marker was seen shaking uncontrollably when the burnt cookies showed up an hour and a half late.  The early mornings and late nights are taking a toll on the markers as they've resorted to eating Halloween-sized chocolate and chips (now known as hashbrowns) in the wee hours of the morning to stay nourished. Most of the markers can be seen walking the picket lines with "claw" hands and screaming out "No More Arbs, Until We Get Carbs!" They are forced to answer Questions of the Day and shackled to their desk to meet production quotas. It's a grizzly situation and only time can tell if we can get these employees back in the building. 

*End Inside Joke*

Another project... :)
Accountants are pretty awesome... don't ya think?
We all need a real job, right? Right?