Friday 26 October 2012

Tag Box

Hi all,

I mentioned before that I was going to do a fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association of Newfoundland in memory of my grandfather.  I am starting that project now but am going to do Christmas tags!  Stay tuned for the beautiful tags I have made and details about pricing, etc.
Along with the tags, I made a beautiful tag box to hold some of the tags. I wanted to share my instructions. Here is the finished product:

This is what you'll need to get started (I have used all Stampin Up products for this project):
- 2 sheets of cherry cobbler card stock
- 1 window sheet 8'1/2" by 11" (product code 114323)
- patterned paper of your choice
- sticky strip (strong adhesive)
- SNAIL or tape runner or glue dots
- Tools you'll need is a scorer, scissors and a grid mat

Here's the step by step instructions:

1. First take your card stock paper and score it one inch on each side.  You can actually use any size paper you want but for my instructions I am just using the one full card stock (8'1/2" x 11").  Think about it in a way that the inside of your box will fit 1 inch less on each size. For example, if you have cards that are 4x4 then you might want your box to be 6'1/2" x 6'1/2" - this means the paper you'll need is 8'1/2" x 8'1/2".
2. Next you should see a one by one box on each corner.  You are going to snip one side of eaach corner by one inch, following the score line until it intersects the other.  You will also want to really reinforce the folds of the box.  All folds will go in the one direction to create a box shape.
3. Then you'll apply sticky strip or glue dots to each corner.  Fold them into the box as you go.  You now should have a box that looks like this!
4. Next you will want to create the inside dividers.  For my size box, you'll need to cut one rectangle of the cherry cobbler 4"x 9", as well as two rectangles 4"x3'1/4". With the 4" side horizontal, you will score the paper down the middle at 2" for each piece. Then you'll flip each piece and score again at 1" and 3".  You will now have something that looks like a 'W'.
5. A good tip is to place your box n your grid mat.  This will help you place the dividers where you want them to go.  The long divider will go in the middle for my box.  So, using the grid mat I place this at 3'1/4".  I can then make sure its straight.  You can choose where you want to place your other two dividers but I choose to do mine at 4" so that I have one section slightly longer for my longer tags.  Then to really make it pretty. you can go ahead and cut out the patterned paper to hide the flaps of the dividers.  I even edged mine with the cherry cobbler ink to make it blend in!!  And now the bottom of your box is complete!
6. Now to make the top of the box, I just used "window sheets" from Stampin' Up.  They are just plastic and I scored it the exact same was as #1.  I used glue dots to adher it together.  The only trick on this is ot really try to score it pressing very hard.  You should also really reinforce it.  And finally, decorate with a bow or whatever you please!!!

Isn't it GORGEOUS????????? Its sad its not even Halloween and I am so excited for Christmas!!
- C

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  1. This looks great and it's an awesome idea! I hope it goes well for you :)