Sunday 7 October 2012


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Last night was Jennifer's wedding and everything was beautiful but nothing more stunning than the bride herself in her laced dressed and long veil. A simply gorgeous ceremony! Stay tuned on the how to for the programs.

Today is thanksgiving and we are off to my grandmother's house.  Since its been a trying year, I thought I would make a thanksgiving wreath for her to remind her that we are always thinking about her. Here's how it turned out.
Here's a closer look at the rosettes that I made from Stampin' Up's discontinued Christmas Fabric.

These rosettes inspired me to make some quick fabric rosette bows for Jane and her two cousins. They came out fabulous! It's a nice variation on the traditional bows!
Here's the details on how to make these!!
You will need some fabric, a hair clip, liquid fabric glue or hot glue gun, scissors and 'poker' (optional). I do recommend fabric glue  as you can easily burn yourself with the hot glue gun.  I did use the glue gun but that's because I had mine out already.
1. Cut some fabric at your desired preference but these are 24" x 1'1/2".  To get the look of the loose threads, just make a little slit in the fabric and tear it all the way down!! Don't get hung up on the pattern of the fabric as the colors will be wha matters.
2. Start by applying a little bit of glue from one end of the fabric going down about one inch. Fold the fabric in half to here. This is to make the centre of the rosette.
3. Next is where you start twisting the fabric and at the same time rolling it around the centre of the rosette.  You can make your twists loose or tight - the tighter they are, the skinnier your rosette will be. This is ideal for the hair clip but I made looser rosettes for the wreath. As I went along I applied glue here and there to ensure that it adherred. Keep going until you reach the end. Adher the end with the glue.
4. You might get the middle poking out as shown below but I just cut it off for the hair clips.  I kept them on for the wreath. 

 5. Next is to get the hair clip on the rosette.  First, apply hot glue on the back of the clip and stick it to a piece of matching fabric or felt (whatever you have handy).  You will then apply this piece to the back of the rosette paying attention to trying to hide the clip as much as possible. I poked the ends of the fabric in for extra strength.
And voila!  Tested on Jane while she attended her buddy's birthday party at "The Little Gym"... no problems! :)
Have a great day with your families!

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  1. I've seen these lovely fabric rosettes a lot but now I know how to make them. Thanks!!