Thursday 30 January 2020

Shake it Up! | Fancy Friday Blog Hop

It's 2020 and the Stampin' Up! past and current Artisans are back to bring you inspiration using current Stampin' Up! projects. Each month we currate a theme and this growing group of over 40 uber talented Creatives try to come up with a project. This month we are "shaking it up".

This Shaker Card project uses the Stitched Stars dies, irridescent sequins and Birthday Goodness stamp set. Did you pick up on the little stars amongst the sequins? Yup, they are the negatives from the swirly star die cut!

Now, have you been wondering I've been? Well, you likely remember I've been growing a baby - She finally arrived on January 23, 2020 weighing 7lb 12 oz and measuring 50cm. I am totally smitten and she's fitting in with our crazy family of five. I am working hard to find a new routine... and also space for all the "things" that comes with babies.

Things are changing in the Stampin' Fancy Friday world. This will be our last blog hop. Awwww but not to worry we are still around to give you inspiration. Instead of blogging we will be posting our projects to Instagram only, as well as individual social accounts like Facebook. We think the world is evolving and so should we!  So be sure to follow the Stampin' Fancy Friday Instagram Account @stampinfancyfriday to sure you don't miss out next month's projects!

I am so excited to be linking to Kerstin Kreis whom is am amazing Artist!!! Be sure to check her out next!

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  1. STUNNING Cathy! I just love the layout and the one candle just makes it! Xx
    Love the baby pics...keep them coming!

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