Saturday, 6 July 2019

Dear Jack.

And you are six.
Six years old and you proudly announce you have two girlfriends.
Six years old with the cutest freckled cheeks that smooch your eye balls when you smile.
Six years old and you never skip an opportunity to get what you want.
Not a lover of all humans.
Nor a lover of anyone singing.
You 'sloth-ily' slide out of bed every morning with vampire whines of light in your eyes.
For you, every day your goal is to either play with your toys or get new toys.
You can be a tough nut to crack.
When someone finds their way into your heart, you don't forget and you definitely don't mind telling someone that "they are fired".
You like to do things your way on your time.
Today is your birthday and you got it your way, starting with vanilla cake for breakfast.
You smiled like a lot today proudly announcing your are six!
Your happy is pretty amazing.
You love to jump up in the air with your fists high and finish it off with a little dance.
If only we could all have that sort of happy.
I worry about you a lot.
Way too much actually.
Just last week you told me 'not to worry' as you could most definitely handle carrying the oversized bag with your Halloween costume into school.
I am learning that you aren't 'sensitive'.
You just wear your heart on your sleeve.
And well, I hope you always do.
Love hard and play hard Jack Caines.
Here's to an amazing Year Six.
Happy 6th Birthday,
Love Mom.

This layout was created just for me. The words were already documented on my facebook status on the day of his birthday so it was just a matter of putting the layout together after the fact. I love using Facebook as a "holding place" for memories.


Supplies for today's project comes from Ali Edwards storykits and Heidi Swapp Wolf Pack embellishments

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