Saturday 2 March 2019

Habit. | Simple Scrapper SPARK Magazine

Keeping good habits is never easy but in recent years I’ve been doing a better job at reflecting on what habits I want to have and how to acheive them. Writing in planenrs have always been a way for me to do that but bullet journals seem to be the best so far. The small sized annual books givs me enough structure and flexibility that it works for me. I take three bullet journals with me everywhere. You’ll find them on the kitchen table and dragged across the country. They keep me on task and on time. I feel in control and focused when I use them consistently. Ironically, in times when I am too busy I often won’t plan because I don’t prioritize it. I start to feel overwhelmed and realize I should never skip the few minutes to put pen to paper. Yes. I am a planner girl.

Teal: Planner //
My day to day planner where I write activities, appointments and many to do lists. Sometimes I include meal plans or lists detailing everything from parties to packing lists.

Orange: Work //
A lined bullet journal that has notes detailing phone calls and conversations. This is where I note skus and things related to work that I can’t forget.

Purple: Creative //
Each page is different as I note my mthly deadlines, list sales orders, customer address changes and everything in between. When creativity sparks, I get it on paper in here.

This layout was created for the MARCH 2019 SPARK magazine exclusively developed for the online Simple Scrapper community. Within the community we are provided with sketches and journal prompts in order to help inspire members.


Supplies for today's project comes from Ali Edwards storykits and Stampin' Up! cardstock


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  2. This layout is wonderful. What a fab page!

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