Sunday 21 October 2018

Embrace the Detours | Scrapbook Sunday Blog Hop

Here’s the thing.
Life isn’t always roses.
And sometimes it’s hard to
figure out what you are
doing here.
When I start to feel
the heaviness of the day to day
it’s time to run away.
And so I did.

Off to see the sunshine 
with my niece, Sawyer and 
my mother. The timing worked
out and it was exactly 
what I needed. I will never
underestimate the power
of beautiful sunrises
and sunsets in
Venice, Florida.

Here's what I DO know:// 
Getting outdoors. Changing the scenary. Seeing the sun. Writing on paper.
All these things, help me find clarity. 
Give it a try.



  1. I totally agree with you Cathy, when my head is all foggy I head outside or out to the river to just sit and listen to the world around me.
    Great layout...Cheers Shaz

  2. I love your scrapping style Cathy. I really love how your journalling is like poetry. Inspiring! xx