Tuesday 2 October 2018

am/pm: September Routines | Simple Scrapper SPARK Magazine

September has arrived and we are all craving routine again.

On school days an ideal morning begins with Mom waking up before everyone else around 6:30am. I sometimes will have a sip of coffee. I try to plan out the day and start lunches. However, typically I need to clear off the counter first. And in order to clear off the counter, the dishwasher must first be unloaded. If I am lucky I’ve at least thought about lunches the night before. This year St. Peters Primary does not have any cafeteria service. If we don’t pack a lunch, the kids won’t have one.

I start waking Ryan up about 6:45. He generally doesn’t budge and if he does he finds his way to the washroom. It drives me bananas but I really don’t know why I would expet him to rise and shine on his after all these years?

Kids are up next at 7am. Jane Caines is often the first up. She is always ready to tackle the day. And she is hungry immediately. She usually choses fruit, oatmeal or smoothies. She always has a small glass of juice. This is her only chance for juice on a typical day. Jack on the other hand used to have to be carried downstairs. He will still have his eyes closed. Lately hes hopping into our bed for a couple extra minutes. He’s a true sloth. Jack will eventually ask for a glass of milk and either Cheerios or peanut butter toast. In all likelihood he won’t eat much.

For this year there’s no devices or TV in the mornings when there’s school or places to go. Jack would turn from sloth to zombie. Sometimes I’ll put on the radio or Good Morning Canada. On a great morning it will be the Jay and Dan show on TSN.

Jane gets dressed and rolls her eyes at the prospect of brushing her hair. I am exhausting all efforts to get Jack in the bathroom and to get himself dressed.

By 8am the bus is there and we are ready to rock and roll.... even if I do Jane’s hair at times at the bus stop.

Then it’s Mom’s turn. I never eat breakfast until I am at work. Of course, by then I am famished. It’s so nice to have some time in the morning... just to get a shower. But most days I am rushing out the door with a long to do list in my cleanest yoga pants and running shoes.

Ryan takes it all in stride. He’s easy peezy as his busy work season is slowing down.

The evening routines are quite different depending what is on the schedule. On the weekends, we stretch the bedtimes. However, on the week days we try to get to bed no later than 8:30. The truth of that is that there’s many nights where the kids still awake at 9:30. The truth is that bed time routines are hard. Jane has gymnastics until 8pm some nights and she can’t even get home by 8:30 let alone have some supper. There are nights when I have to lug Jack for pick ups as well. On the night Jane doesn’t have gymnastics we try to have supper as a family, keeping in mind that many evenings we are eating as we pass each other by or snacking in the car from one place to another. We try to do homework and we try to do baths. WE even try to have some device time so that we can all have that alone time we all crave.

We have a new rule where there’s no devices past 7:30pm. It’s making bed time a lot smoother; however, Jack and Jane will still fight with us when we say its time to go brush our teeth.

These days Jack dilly dallies more than Jane. He’s always finding an excuse to fool around with this toy or that. Often he avoids brushing his teeth. Once he gets in the bed, one parent will read him a story. The other parent will settle Jane in. She reads herself now - that has only started recently.

Jack sleeps under the covers with toys surrounding him. Jane sleeps on top of the covers with her stuffies lined perfectly at the bottom of her bed.

Once both kids decide to close their eyes, they sleep quickly. Often I will go into my room while that’s happening and I always fall asleep. 

It won’t be long before Jack will call asking for milk. Milk. Which we cut out int he bed months ago yet he still asks. We get him fresh water. He never wants the water that was there from earlier in the day. 

Jack will sleep with his bunny.
Jane will only sometimes sleep with her hunny.
Jack will spread out his blankie on top of the pillow.
Jane will leave the light on.

Did you hear that?
It’s finally silent.
Mom and Dad will chose a show to watch on the main floor or in the bedroom. Sometimes Mom falls asleep and sometimes she doesn’t. Either way. “Good night good night Construction site”.

This layout was created for the OCTOBER 2018 SPARK magazine exclusively developed for the online Simple Scrapper community. Within the community we are provided with sketches and journal prompts in order to help inspire members.


Supplies for today's project comes from Ali Edwards, Stampin' Up!


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