Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Imperfectly Perfect | Simple Scrapper SPARK Magazine

things are never perfectly perfect.
we know that.
yet, I strive for perfection in some way every day.
Starting with the perfect cup of coffee,
praying for the perfect amount of ‘me time’ in my chair before I hear the perfect pitter patter of feet.
And from there I wish for the perfect weather.
not too hot. not too cold.
mostly not too windy.
 I want my hair to be perfect by spending the smallest amount of time on it.
Many times I wish for my children to behave perfectly. Especially in public.

But I settle for imperfection.
I don’t overthink it.
I can let things go.
Not all the things.
But most of the things.

I don’t care that we leave the dishes on the counter over night or forget to make our beds in the morning.
I see the toothpaste all over the sink then look the other way.
Sometimes we eat meals without vegetables. And other times we might have ice cream twice in one day.
The lights are left on and there’s tuffs of dog hair rolling across each room.
It’s not unusual for me to wear my shirt inside out. And sometimes even two
different shoes.
I sometimes fight with my husband.
Other days I raise my voice too loud at the kids.

My family and I.
We are truly imperfect.
we are living in this imperfect life.
Always in the pursuit of happiness.
Always trying to learn.
Always trying to be better.
so I guess, it would be a great reminder to each of us.
especially me. that maybe.
just maybe.
imperfection is oh so perfectly perfect.

This layout was created for the AUGUST 2018 SPARK magazine exclusively developed for the online Simple Scrapper community. Within the community we are provided with sketches and journal prompts in order to help inspire members.


Supplies for today's project comes from Ali Edwards Story Kits, American Crafts, Stampin' Up!


  1. This page turned out Perfect! Loving the yellow and white striped paper!

  2. what beautiful journaling you have shared! thank you.

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