Saturday 3 February 2018

welcome 2018 | Simple Scrapper SPARK Magazine

Today is the 7th of January in 2018.
As I sit I feel my shoulders and my neck.
I know I’ve run myself too low a few times over 2017.
Especially in December.
While December came and went,
I felt as if I was in the back seat watching it all go by.
I was scheduling the events I loved.
I was creating the things I loved.
I enjoyed the shopping.
And the hustle.
And even the bustle.
But something was missing.
It was almost as if before I checked something off my list,
I was thinking about the next thing.
And the next thing.
And even the next thing.
I’ve been busy before.
So I can’t say that I think I did too much.
This time, I wasn’t reflecting.
I wasn’t sitting down and intentionally thinking about my gratitudes.
I certainly wasn’t walking or running.
It wasn’t me that I was putting as a priority.
That’s not going to work in 2018.
I haven’t made resolutions this year.
Focusing rather on doing better each day.
Remembering to stop.
Remembering to take a deep breath.
And I mean a really deep breath here.
Remembering I am important.
Also remembering that it’s nobody else’s job to make me feel that way.
It’s mine.
Don’t get me wrong here.
I am not in a bad place starting off this year.
But I don’t want to continue going on at full speed ahead.
I want turns.
I want bumps.
I want to be bored.
I want to hear the music.
And smell the flowers.
Time to let it go.
Starting today.
Then tomorrow.
And let’s just cross our fingers that I don’t forget the next day either.
Welcome 2018.


Today's layout was created for the February 2018 SPARK magazine exclusively developed for the online Simple Scrapper community. Within the community we are provided with sketches and journal prompts in order to help inspire members.

Supplies for today's project comes from the Tim Holtz alphas, American Crafts Thickers and Stampin' Up! washi tape.

Note: The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.


  1. Your words resonate so clearly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Take good care.

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