Wednesday, 28 February 2018

she's a garden girl. | Be Inspired Blog Hop

It's February 28th and we are just off our very first official snow day of the year yesterday.
Typically on this island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean we've had several snow days. It was actually starting to feel like we were never going to get any snow.  Well, we spoke too soon.

I am simply oh so ready to be a Garden Girl.

This is my very first time hopping with the Be Inspired Design Team and I am very excited to be here! We have some amazing talent and I am so happy you have dropped by to check it out. Each month they have a theme in which to help creative types to step outside their comfort zone. Today's theme is TEXTURE.

What is TEXTURE?

1. (noun) the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance.
2. (verb) give (a surface, especially of a fabric or wall covering) a rough or raised texture.

How do you create TEXTURE IN STAMPING?

Creating texture in stamping is not limited to some of the ideas but rather creating texture can be somewhat of an opinion - you might look at something and think there's texture but someone may see a project in flat thus not seeing the texture that you might.

1. Adding multiple layers of paper, trims and stamping to your project.
2. Using mixed media projects such as sprays or embossing paste such as today's project.
3. Use embossing powder in order to raise a project.
4. Add glitter or glimmer papers.
5. Use the fine tip glue in order to add gloss.
6. Add embellishments like sequins, pearls, buttons, etc.

Today's project uses the Embossing Paste by Stampin' Up! along with a cloud mask. The paste was applied through the stencil on water color paper. Once dried I used the Stampin' Up! Write Marker's and refill inks in order to colour the background as well as the stamped images.

This project totally got me ready for spring despite the huge snow flakes outside my window. It's trickery at its finest. :)

Are you ready for Spring?
I hope that groundhog was right...

Be sure to keep hopping to my friend, Carolynn Sander - she's a shining star here in Canada.


  1. Oh my gosh: this is stunning. Love how we colored with so much love, each detail. Thumbs up.
    Hugs Tanja

  2. Amazing, Cathy! Well done in every single way.

  3. So much wonderful texture on this card, Cathy! I love your coloring - such an amazing artistry to everything you do. I'm so happy to hop with you today! <3

  4. Oh my Cathy! You just suckered me in! I was already drawn to this set, and now it is a must have! I enjoy all of the texture and tips here today, but mostly I am in love with your watercolouring! Spring is definitely in the air today! Hugs and love from Alberta!💖

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