Thursday 29 September 2016

A Grateful Heart | Fancy Friday

Welcome back to another Fancy Friday blog hop brought to you by some amazing current and past Stampin' Up! Artisans.  We love that you drop every month and hope you enjoy the inspiration as much as we do. 

You should have come from Krista Frattin's website - Don't you just love everything she creates? everything she posts? And don't you just find her the cutest little thing? (yeah. me too.)
This month's theme is celebrating the season whether that be Christmas, Halloween, Fall, etc. I certainly can feel the crisp feel of the holidays.

To start this project off, I printed my journalling onto watercolour paper. I always use Photoshop but its no trouble to do this within Microsoft word.  I created a quick background by dropping a couple ink spots on a clear block.  I then spread that on my page using the aqua painter.  But don't be fooled - use your heat gun to move the water around and to dry it.

The journalling uses the Remington Noiseless font.  This is a font that is consistent within my pages as of late.  I know that handwriting is important but I certainly love the look of the typed pages.

"We have so much to be grateful for.  But today I don’t want to list those things.  I want to remind you that it can be hard to remember our blessings sometimes. Being grateful is something that needs to be practised. Little things and big things all contribute to our happiness. Its a nice reminder to make a daily practice of this exercise and not just at Thanksgiving. “Begin each day with a greateful heart.” - Oct 10, 2016"

Edited side note: Yes. OK. It says 2016.  But you know it should be 2015.  Yes, I will change it on the layout but the truth is I make this mistake all the time.  Its kind of my frazzled character.  It makes me laugh seeing it there... I am far from perfect... can you IMAGINE that?

This was last year's Thanksgiving.  Its not the norm for us to say Grace; however, at my Grandmother's, it is.  I captured this moment and I love it.  Its a nice reminder to be thankful, of course.  I am currently doing a 30 days of Gratefulness leading into the Canadian Thanksgiving (On October 8th) - stay tuned for that project.

This layout almost exclusively uses the Project Life(tm) cards in the Hello Lovely Stampin' Up! kit.  Its a kit that you is drool worthy.  A must have.

Don't stop here! My good friend, Jeanna is next on the hop and I can't wait to see what she has created.



  1. Cathy, I am so jealous of your amazing scrapbooking skills. And I am so grateful to have you as a friend! XOXO

  2. You. Are. Amazing. That is all!

  3. This is really lovely Cathy!