Thursday 28 April 2016

One. Two. Three. Keeping with my style. | Fancy Friday

This month's theme is "Other than a Card."
In fact, I chose it myself.  
Being a scrapbooker, I figured this was most definitely in my wheel house.

But when I went to do it, I had nothing.  Everything I did was terrible.
I created this.

And I tore it up.
Well, its in pieces.

It was too busy for me.  I hated the black.  It was missing something...

I was trying to make my Stampin' Up! supplies fit me.

And that didn't work.

I tossed it and begin to watercolour instead for my TGIF Challenge (see tomorrow's post).

But in the midst of it all, I laid out my pieces all over my desk and came back to MY STYLE.

Bottom line...
Yes. This layout is RIDICULOUSLY simple.
Yes. There's not too many supplies used.
Yes. It may not be YOUR style.

But what matters?  It tells my story.  It's focus is on the story... and let's get serious... I like to write on my scrapbook pages.  Like a little bit too much.

"She loves the water. 
She spent hours jumping. 
One. Two. Three.  
Over the waves.  
Again and Again and Again."

And that's what memory keeping is all about, isn't it?
My style may not be YOUR style.
And that's simply OK.

I can't wait to see what my fabulous friend, Cindy has in store. Check her out!



  1. I adore this!!! The second version is so you....and I want to be you and be able to do this. Love you keeping it real!

  2. I love the second layout! There is a fine art to making something simple that isn't "plain", and you have achieved that. It's just right, and I love the story too!

  3. This is a great page! So clean and simple. Love it!