Thursday 17 March 2016

Spring's not here but the Bum-my is. | Fancy Friday + tgifc47

I forgot.

I feel like this hamster... but oh. so. much. cuter.

Welcome to Fancy Friday.

Or in my case this week, welcome to Frazzled Friday.

I don't think Erica forgot... Let's see who wins this "remembering contest".  

..It's a good thing I spent all that time planning this week.

That wasn't a waste of time at all. (sarcasm)

This month we are inspired by this "Spring-ish" board... but as I sit in my wool socks underneath my favourite ragtime quilt, I don't feel so inspired.. Hmph.  Imagine that.

I'll tell you what.  I'll make it a double post day.

Like a 2 for 1 deal. I am bringing you my TGIF Challenge Blog post.





... Like a bunny...

sing it now...

Seriously cute?  This little guy's bottom can be pulled open to reveal... EGGS! Chocolate eggs!

These cuties were created as part of this week's challenge at TGIF Challenges!

My superhero tip of the week: Because I created the pyramid with glimmer paper, I adhered everything with a glue gun...  Because guess what?  If you don't, you'll struggle. You can thank me later for this tip!

So come play with us!! But before you go... look at that cute little bum-my!

oh, alright... you can finally go see Erica.  She's been waiting for you!




  1. I suck at pom pom's - got any pointers?!! Your box is super cute!!!!

  2. These bunny boxes are so fun!!! Love them!!