Tuesday 26 January 2016

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My night table has about 8 books piled on it. 
Most of them are light reading. About half are booked not even started. 
The other four are books I've started but didn't complete. Obviously they aren't filling me up.  

It's clear to see that I enjoy light reading. And that's true - I really enjoy light reading. I truly enjoyed the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series. Don't think I am lame for making that statement.  It simply is what I prefer and what makes me happy.

Recently, I found myself with a Starbucks coffee in hand with one of my favorite people, my sister, on a Saturday morning.  We just finished a Zumba class and decided that coffee and a quick shop at Chapters would be the perfect way to start the weekend. 

On the front table sat these two books: The Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. These books have been trending lately touting a life changing method to organizing your life.  

The first thing I noticed was how beautiful these books are.  They are small and visually appealing.  Perfect for "staging". But I am going to read them.  It might take me all year but I will.  Stay tuned on my review!

Reading fills me up.  It does.  But it seems that my "reading" is moving towards following blogs. I like DIY and seeing the photos along with the words. 

Are books filling you up? Are you moving towards blogs or online magazines like myself?

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