Sunday 7 December 2014

Be Merry | Creative Blog Hop

Be Merry.

That's all you have to do during this Christmas time.

just. be. merry.

And that's what I intend to do.
No 'being annoyed' at long lines.
No 'flinging my arms up in the air' for painful drivers.
No complaining about the weather.


OK. I'll be merry but still complain about the weather.

I just want to enjoy the season. 
My shopping is done.
My decorating and wrapping is not.
I intend to enjoy those "to dos" while listening to Idina Menzel and chasing children.. and hopefully drinking out of red coffee cups.

About this project: Well. I opened the chalkboard banner and I wrote "be merry" and I strung the twine through it.  The end.
And now I can reuse it for everything.
Don't you think you should buy this? 
Yeah. I do too.

Pardon the Interruption: Husband.  I want a new travel coffee mug. And an iPhone disinfector (sp?).

Have you seen my post on Canadian Scrapbooker this month?  If not, you are missing out on this fabulously easy project!
Check it out here!

CREATIVE BLOG HOP: What's that?  I was approached by a fabulous demonstrator named Carolyn Crann of Stamping.Cards based out of Ontario to join in on a weekly blog hop.  So sweet of her to think of me! She posted some projects on December 1st so make sure you check her out!
As part of this blog hop, you have to answer your questions about yourself and to demonstrate a project.  The hop continues every Sunday!
Blog Hop Questions:
1) What are you working on? I am working on a December Daily, a post for Scrapbook Cards & Today, two Disney mini albums and projects for Canadian Scrapbooker. December is always busy!
2) How does your work differ from others in your genre? Well, I am lazy.  So, scraps from my previous project always make their way on my next project.  Usually because I bunch them together and staple them on.  But I think I may differ because I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator but with a love for scrapbooking.  This is a rarity in the card maker world.
3) Why do you create what you do? I create what needs to be done - like the next birthday or Christmas present.. or decor project.  But I really try to take time for myself.  I like to tell the story, similar to Ali Edwards.  I love to journal... there's too many stories that my kids give me... (but I won't be documenting the poop mess my son made the night before I had to get rid of my carpet. No. I won't do that. And Yes.  I said poop.  I am a Mom of two. I have a right.)
4) How does your creative process work? Wow. quickly.  Yes. I have limited time.  I don't like to sit in my room and think.  I just do. I like to wear my hair on the top of my head (like broccoli stuck out on my head... Stephanie's Ponytail.. anyone? anyone?) while I work.  I like to stand sometimes. And I sure as heck like to dance like it's 1999.
Now... I am so happy to be asking two of my fabulous friends to join this hop.  They will be posting on December 14th!  So make sure you check them out...  and if I do say so myself... I have some seriously awesome and talented friends... both of these ladies are true artist. True originals.  And both have the kindest hearts you'll ever find.  I love them. :)
Have an amazing Sunday! -Cathy

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, excited to take part. Looking forward to Cheryl's as well.