Monday 18 August 2014

A special canvas for Simon

Back in the Spring, Simon's Mommy asked me to create something to preserve the growth of baby Simon's first year.  Although we had some ideas, we really weren't sure what we were searching for in the end.  So it took me way too long to put the photocopies of footprints in action.  

Often ideas come to me quickly but not this time.  

You see, Simon is what I would call a miracle baby.  I have never directly spoken to Mom & Dad about it but born at 27 weeks I am sure they would agree.  Looking and holding those little cut outs really has a way to tug at your heart. What makes this canvas even more special is that Simon has an angel in heaven, one that would be very much a twin and playmate to him today.  Instead his angel is watching him and his family from above and helping them live a wonderful life.

And so, this 16x16 canvas will forever show how miracles are very real.  And for his family a reminder that such a road, that was incredibly twirly, could give so much joy.

This is just another way that preserving memories can be something that is more than just footprints on a page.

Give it a whirl.

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