Tuesday 10 June 2014

"Cutie, Cutie, Cutie" | AWW

My daughter adds "ie" to the end of everything and everyone.

Jack = Jack-ie "Baby"
Jane = Jan-ie "Waney"
Cute = Cut-ie "Tutie"

I look at these cards and I can't help but wiggle my head and repeat... "Cutie. Tutie. Woonie. Bootie."

Pretty sure you are gonna want the Blendabilities Markers now... right??? 
huh? huh?

Every day is party time at my house!! 

Notice their eyes??? 

Yeah... they are pearls with a sharpie so they look little itty bitty goggly eyes...

"goo-ge-ly... boo-ge-ly.. ru-de-ly... su-de-ly..."


We aren't afraid to rhyme words that aren't words.

Welcome to my world.  
Go see Cindy!!! ("Bindy. Mindy. Tindy. Lindy")

Disclaimer: If you chose to come visit here and expect for ANYTHING to make sense... well, you are at the wrong place. 


  1. You are seriously the funniest person I know! LMBO!

  2. Smart-ie! Clever combinations of images and sentiments and love the eyes!

  3. Two of the most adorable cards you have ever made! Love them both and love you too! Hugs!

  4. Freakin' adorable! Love these!

  5. Cathy you seriously crack me up! I want to live at your house and party everyday!y the way, supa fun cards! and the faux "googly eyes"? Simply genius!

  6. See I TOLD you those pearl eyes would be a hit !! Love 'em and you friend xox

  7. I have to hang out more with you at the next retreat! Your posts crack me up :) These cards are AWESOME!! Pretty clever how you made the eyes. And yes, I want some of the Blendabilities markers!!!

  8. Why did I never think of making googly eyes like that??!!! Eyes, schmize, wise, fries!! You always bring a smile!! Mile..tile..while…style….

  9. You are NUTS - and I love you, and I love these cards!