Sunday 10 March 2013

Playing With Fabrics

Since my husband went out last night, I went downstairs to create a couple birthday presents.  Well, since I got messy I needed to do some other projects while things dried (without taking up too much space).

I happened to see this video while checking out the 2 Peas in a Bucket video gallery.  Since I had just recently found my Stampin' Up fabric, I thought I'd try the "No Sew Bows'.

You can find the instructions to create these darling bows by clicking on this video.  I would make a couple changes in that I would have strips of fabric 2inchesx 6 inches so that you can have a nice 1 inch wide middle.  It simply allows if your ironing isn't super precise. I would also put a dab of hot gun in the middle of each half after folding the large piece.
I didn't want to stop there so I decided to create a couple rosettes as part of the Scrapbook challenge #15.  I created one that was a small size and the other I tied two strips together to make a bigger side. I posted about instructions to make these here. I like the frayed edges in this but I would use hot gun while you are twisting to make sure that the rosettes keep their shape.
 Today, I came home to my daughter running around with a roll of toilet paper... errrr... apparently it was a kite.  So, to kick that in the butt I told her, "oh no, that's not a kite but we can make one if you like".  We marched downstairs and picked some "pink" paper (her favorite color), we picked some "sparkles", some pink ribbon and grabbed a pack of markers.  I quickly hand cut two matching diamonds and told her to draw on the paper and use the sparkles while I cut the twine and taped it to the back of one of the diamonds.  I then got her to glue the two diamonds together.  Once she finished drawing, I asked where she wanted her pink ribbon.  And 5 minutes later we were running around the house with a kite.
Don't be afraid to do things quickly and on the fly - it never has to be perfect.

Next we were off to two birthday parties!!  Earlier in the week my daughter and I had made some salt dough (1 cup of flour, 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of salt - put it in the oven at 200F for 3 hours).  We cut out shapes of hearts - she wanted to make cookies but since I am dieting I opted for the salt dough without any plan for them.  With the hearts we had used a straw to create holes.  The next day we painted them.  Again, without a plan.  Note that we did not prime them with gesso - if you are to do this idea, make sure you gesso them before you give them to your children to paint.  This morning as I was wrapping up the gifts with kraft paper I needed a "tag" so I grabbed a sharpie, wrote their names on the salt dough and "away we go".  Here's the result:
Here's a sneak peek of the birthday I referenced above - its not completed yet but should be in the next couple days.
Have a fabulous day!

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