Friday 28 September 2012

Kids Placecards & Cookie jars

Hey all,

Continuing with my wedding fun... whipped this up from a new pack of crayons I found in Jane's drawer!!  These are the placecards for the kids at a wedding.  The rolled up piece of paper is a coloring page, of course.  Anything that has a dual purpose is a bonus to me!! Here's how they turned out:
You'll notice I tried to make them match the decor as much a possible but the colors of the crayons wouldn't really make the kids too happy... When I did this I tried to give boy color crayons to boys and girl color crayons to girls.
Materials needed:
box of crayons
one coloring page
mini eleastics
ribbon of your choice
linen thread (thick thread)
one glue dot per placecard
a label of some sort, which may involve a stamp
any embellishments sich as the pearls I have
1. First you just roll the coloring page and tie loosely with the ribbon.  I did use a small bit of glue tape but its not neccessary.

2. Next you are going to take your crayons and put a mini eleastic around it for extra security.  Plus the eleastic gives it some grip for the ribbon going over the top.
3. Next you are going to place the crayons on top of the rolled coloring page and place it over the knot in the centre.  Make another loose knot.  I also slipped a piece of linen thread about 5 inches through the loop so I could adher my label later.
4. And finally you are going to make a pretty ribbon to whatever your preference is.  You are also going to make a hole in your label and tie this.  Use the glue dot to keep it in place so that its visible.  The crayons will naturally act as an anchor to stop the paper from rolling!
You are done!!
And lastly, I did some labels for the cookie jars, which turned out like this.  If you have been following my posts this is in the same decor as the others using Stampin Up's organza ribbon, labels framelits, doily die and Apothecary Art stamp set.

Have a great day!

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