Wednesday, 30 June 2021

New Favourites Things | Be inspired Blog Hop

New favourites, they said.

Yikes! I have too many!

This Be Inspired Design Team is making life too har.

Like the new Tailored Tags? How do you live without those?

And that Hand Penned Designer Series Paper? I can't stop using it.

But lets talk about the teeny tiny hearts. Will I run out? Do I already need more. Panic!

Am I alone taht I cant pick one? Keep hopping to Stesha Bloodhart to find out! I can't wait to see!


  1. Lovely page I love everything on it. I too love the tailored tags too.

  2. Such a sweet page. How great are those tags!

  3. Love your page Cathy especially all the cute little details x

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  6. It is so beautiful, I love tailored tags but ever since I had to write my dissertation, making these tags has become tough. I have no time to focus on my other properties so how can I focus on my hobbies. Once all of this is over I will get back to making them, maybe even start a small business on the side. Thanks to you I have gotten a lot of inspiration. Keep posting!