Wednesday, 29 April 2020

What Happens at Grandmas... | Be Inspired Blog Hop

43 days now.
Its been 43 days since we have been in self isolation.
I can count on my hand how many times I have been in my car.
In fact, I am sure I haven't filled it up with gas this month.
The kids hasn't been in school for 47 days.
I have good days and I have bad days. I am trying to stay positive. Still. It's crazy. Every day I am STILL trying to stay positive. Crafting helps me stay strong and be positive.

Most times I am not very inspired to craft despite knowing that it will help me move through my quanrantine days. It is our hope that we can help you stay inspired. And if nothing else distract you into thinking about brighter days when we can hug our family and friends again.

For now, enjoy my card. The design came to me as I tried to create with "stay home" in mind. I'd love to see how you take this house shape and bring it to life.

I simply cannot wait until I can drop all three of my kids off to Grandmas again... This Mama needs a babysitter and I truly won't "care what happens at Grandmas" that day. Drop and run. :)

Take care - I am sending you all the paper hugs!
Hop on over to Manuela! She is seriously one of my favourite Stampin' Up! designers!


  1. This is gorgeous Cathy. So clever. And I am with you completely. I cannot wait for my kids to able to have a day at their Grandparents and I'm certain their Grandparents can't wait either

  2. SUCH a fun card, Cathy! Not only is the design and shape of your perfect for this set, but the card is perfect for these times. "Drop and run!" - love it!

  3. Dear Cathy, this is such a beatuiful idea - love every detail and I'm flashed how the shape of your card and the image fits together! Lovely!!

  4. So beautiful, Cathy! The design is super-cute, I love it x

  5. This is so beautiful Cathy ;O)

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