Thursday 3 October 2019

Celebrating the Moose | 2018 A-Team Reunited Blog Hop

Whats the "A-Team"?
2018 Stampin' Up! Artisan Dream Team.
And I am so excited to be hanging out with my talented friends again.
We are getting ready for the holiday and can't wait to show you.

I am from the East Coast of Canada living on an island called Newfoundland. We have a HUGE population of moose... which is super interesting considering they aren't native to our land. Therefore, this animal holds a small part of each and every Newfoundlander. I am completely drawn to this punch. And I can assure you that I will never ever ever part with it.

So celebrate with me, those tall big vegetarians!
And yes.
I totally was chased by a moose before in Gros Mourne National Park.
And I am here to talk about it.
Because guess what?
When I stopped running, he just went on his merry way.
They are awesome.

Keep hopping along to my friend Susan Wong!! I can't wait to see what she shares because I can assure you our holiday seasons lok very different just in the small fact of our opposite climates!

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