Thursday 26 October 2017

When Pigs Fly | Fancy Friday Blog Hop

This Fancy Friday hop is themed for autumn...
If you've been hoping along you'll notice there's a colour theme..
... something does't belong here.
.. Ugh...
..I tried to do autumn.
I did a sunflower...
...but then I saw this on my desk..

... so I proudly prounouced...
"forget this.
Autumn is for the birds.
I'll do autumn when pigs fly."

And that's how it goes sometimes.

Hope you are having a more creative day!

I am always in love with everything Paula Dobson does so be sure to keep hopping because she's next!


  1. Oh Cathy, you are a hot mess...and I love you dearly! This card is just too cute for words! Hugs!

    1. you better believe it baby!! HAHAHAHA I actually couldn't use that colour scheme anymore!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA

  2. God, I love you girl! You are real and say it like it is!! Plus I dye laughing every time I read your blog posts! AND we used the same stamp set - snap!!

  3. Actually, I don't "dye" I "die" blahahahahaha!

  4. This is the BEST!! I love the attitude and agree you just can't do certain things when you are not in the mood. Thanks for giving me a good laugh :0)

  5. Cute card Cathy. Looking at your sunflower, it appears that like me you received a defective stamp set. If you phone into SU they will send you a new one. The second stamp image should be leaves not a blob like mine was. I have seen a few on different blogs now, so I thought I would let you know.

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