Thursday, 27 July 2017

a birthday wand. what?!? | It's a Paper Pumpkin Thing Blog Hop

Well, hello new and old friends!

Just when I thought I was getting tired of Paper Pumpkin they came out with donuts... and now this month's kit is absolutely stunning... maybe, I mean "really cool" - not stunning. Stunning is more for like glitz and glamour, don't you think?  Words are funny, aren't they?

When I took out the items in the kit my jaw was dropping.  Two rolls of delicious washi tape and cut out card bases with stitching (gasp!).  More water color wash card bases and wood veneers...

Just. Well. See it for yourself.

I am so excited to be part of this It's a Pumpkin Thing Blog hop each month.  These ladies blow me away with their alternate ideas and I know this month will be no exception...

.. although we all know the truth is that it's hard to stray from these gorgeous cards this month!

Once I created a couple of the suggested cards, I went off in my own direction by creating a couple different cards and a fun birthday wand.... Birthday wand?  I totally just made that up.  Last month I created a birthday wand to stick in my daughter's vase of skittles for her birthday party.... (OK, I'll do the birthday post soon... just not today!)

Wow.  I really have a theme of "words" on this hop.

I know what you are thinking... Cathy has lost her mind... Errr... I need this kit.
Yes. You. Do.
Just order the monthly kits. (Oh, you did before and didn't like them? Well, guess what? They are improving becasue Stampin' Up! heard us...) Blah, blah - contact me and I'll hook you up. If you are in Canada, that is.

Next up is one of my new friends, Andrea - she's quite the card and well, I like her because she's real life.  I like real life.  Real Life + Pretty Things + Ink + Paper = Awesome. Now who ever said I wasn't good at math... (no one. I am an accountant. Piff)


  1. What a cute idea to make a badge! Perfect for birthdays -- or all the grad parties happening around here.


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  2. Love the birthday wand, looks like I need to order some of that gorgeous ribbon! Thanks for sharing :-D

  3. Okay Cathy! These are ummm... Fabulous! I want a Birthday Wand now!!! 💖

  4. I adore those little tulips! Such cute projects!

  5. Your cards are fabulous and I love that birthday wand!

  6. Wow. The way to make this one design is impressive and I hope that I will be able to design a birthday card myself.

  7. Loving those clean and simple project designs thumbs up

  8. I like how the washi is so subtle on the card stock. Nice job.

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  10. When I made two or three the recommended cards, I went on my own way by making a couple diverse cards and a fun birthday wand. Birthday wand? I absolutely recently made that up. A month ago I made a birthday wand to stick in my little girl's vase of skittles for her birthday party. DO my Research Paper

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