Monday 20 October 2014

Christmas Alzheimer's Fundraiser!!!

This year I decided to do something different for my annual Christmas Alzheimer's Fundraiser! 

Which can also be used as a table runner or any crafting projects!
These aren't just for Christmas though - it can be used for any season! 
They are great as gifts for friends or a corporate event.

FREE local delivery only - shipping is extra for anyone outside the St. John's, NL area. 
I will ship anywhere in Canada for $9.95 no matter how many packs you want.

The paper rolls are in stock and ready to go.   
Email me at or PM me on Facebook.  
Even better click here to pay via Paypal!

Alzheimers Fundraiser Wrapping Paper

PS. These are amazing.  Just plain amazing. 

I am so excited!
I just want to scream it from the mountains!

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