Monday 5 March 2012

Amethyst 2

Here's another sketch from!

I am in love with the colors in this - it turns out I never use this color blue and it just "jumps" off the page. Mr Hueys mist is awesome... Love!


  1. Cathy, I've never used Mr. hueys mists. I have used other brands. Do you notice a difference? I find the smooch ones get stuck. I have to keep pulling up button on the top! Drives me nuts lol

    1. Oh yeah, I use both. I love them! The smooch gives like a lighter 'hue' and a bit of glitter or shine. I do find the smooches get stuck too - sometimes I have put them under hot water to loosen up the opening of the spritzer. But I do love the hueys as you get a nice solid color and it dries pretty fast.